Severe weather (strong winds, hail storms, and tornadoes) continue to strike our area, damaging homes and property in their wake. In order to handle this growing trend, Windham Construction has created an insurance claims task force to guide you through the process. As an advocate on your behalf, we communicate and meet with your insurance carrier to ensure restoration of your house to its condition prior to the storm. The utmost respect and consideration will be given to you in this time of uncertainty.

Material and Installation Guarantee: 

Our insurance work is guaranteed and meets the same high quality standards given to all our remodeling projects.

Handling Your Claim:

1. Assess the damage, Contact one of our professionals to determine the extent of the loss and establish if there is a basis for a claim (in some cases the damage is not severe and may only require inexpensive repairs not exceeding your deductible). After inspection and agreement of damages (between the homeowner and the WC representative), a list will be rendered to you for use with your insurance company.

2. Contact your insurance company.

Locate a copy of your policy and together we will assess the extent of your coverage. Claims can be made online or by telephone, and collectively we can explain the nature of your damages to your insurance carrier.

3. Temporary Repairs

With your insurance carrier’s permission, temporary repairs can be made to avoid further damage to your property. These repairs will be considered part of your claim and should be covered in your settlement.

4. Fair Treatment

Our goal is to provide our service to both homeowners and insurance providers. However, it is your right to choose a contractor that you are comfortable with and provides you the desired end result. Negotiation of cost will be agreed upon by WC and your insurance company. Therefore, the traditional route of collecting (3) estimates need not apply.

5. WC Guarantee

We guarantee business with us will not result in any out-of-pocket expense beyond your deductible (except upgrades and/or additional work requested).